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The flora of Ladakh Himalaya has immense heath benefits which helped our ancestors remain healthy by harvesting them that grow naturally in higher altitudes.However the trend has shifted and people rely more on outside products . That is how “Nima Goos Goos” was conceived by three enterprising women of Ladakh with the idea of promoting the unique and distinct medicinal herbs and crops that grow over here through working with traditional knowledge. We’re starting with a few select products unique to Ladakh, that are considered premium i.e. various variants of tisane like stinging nettle, buckwheat, barley and sea buckthorn native to the remote valleys of Ladakh. We aim to awaken the community to the nutritional, and economic value of local herbs and agriculture, empowering the farmers and foragers we work with, and our customers seeking the finest quality tisanes from the mountains of Ladakh.

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